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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christian . . .

Workplace of our times!!!

I had a severe backpain this evening. So I went for a "world exploration" inside my office. After a year of joining the company I was thus forced to take some paths other than the ones that lead to restroom, cafeteria and the main exit. I dont even know whether there are multiple routes to these "popular destinations". I use the ones which sudhakar incidently taught me during my one week KT (Knowledge Transfer) session. "Success kills creativity" - I never tried if there where shorter paths leading to these destinations. I was happy and contented with the "hassle free" knowledge I earned.

Because of the wall right next to my cube I always had a feeling that the world ends there. No , the world is big. The world is a big maze. The maze is built of big boxes in which people live. All boxes are almost the same but contain different kinds of people. All boxes are equal. But some are more equal because of the extra equality these box-people enjoy. But equals are always equal. Some are bustling world-HQ of business. Some are graveyards. Some are funny. Some are crazy. And some are ... Idont know.

I passed through the aisle-like passways and mid-town style crossroads. Matrin Freeman, Luther Marcus, McNamera,Srinivasaveloru, Gomas, Balan Nayar, Kaur, Davison, Dereus, MikeE Corrie, Thomas Bigman, Velmurugan . . . Different namesplates (that speak a lot about its owners) are fixed on each cube to remind you that it is not your cube.

Some cubes are like garden. There are trees in it. Flowers, potted plants and small bonsai forests fill the cubes. Some are like exibition halls. They are filled with posters and collectables concerning one particular subject. We can easilyfind showcases featuring The American Navy, WWE , African Safari, POP/RAPMusic, Kung Fu, World Trade Centre and what not.

Some cubes are like cafeteria. They have starbucks coffeemakers, snacks, softdrinks, ready-to-eat meals , cups, mugs, plates, cutlery and stuff like that. I dont know why but the People who live in them tend to be nice and fat. Some of them even have posters of local weight watchers club. Now some others are like department stores. They have everything from childrens tooth brush to mens watches. Some are neat ,clean and dull, some are like pharmacy and some are like caves witha variety of objects of archeological intrest. I saw even cubes that can match actual beauty parolors, coffee shops and churches. The churches are amazing and often match the St. Peters Basilica. One thing I noticed was that you can always find the pictures of her kids in a mothers cube.

Some cubes are definitely male. Strong, tough and simple. Some are female. Lot of decorations and noisy.

Oh man . . . I lost my way. I got to get back to my cube before the cameras and the RF tag readers detect security anomalies and ask for fighter planes to shoot me down.