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Monday, June 19, 2006

My Adages

Some of my the important sayings George Philip said during his times. Many will become the proverbs in future.

"All the good things on this earth are free. Air, water, google..."

"Todays Fix, Tomorrows Bug"

"MY Adages" are not growing fast enough. So I thought I will add "Sayings I like". They explains my view point regarding the complex and elusive matters of this big world. I have tried to include the name of the owner of the brain which put these words together first...

* Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket well (Andrew Carnegie / Mark Twain??)

* Kadalile thira adangiyittu vanchi erakkamennu vicharichal pattumo?

* Sthree oru kundrappibosotto anu (Bashir)

* Chinthichal Oru Anthom Illa , Chinthichillel oru kunthom illa

George Philip, Elavatta.